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Motor Aids started its operations in 1974, with a motto of "Customer Satisfaction with Quality Product", under the able leadership of Mr N.P. Singh. Since then the company has achieved many milestones and has matured enough with a product line known for its quality worldwide.

Motor Aids, which was started as Automotive Components manufacturing unit now caters the needs for Importers in 9 countries with 22 product categories.

We also undertake customised product development as per buyer's specifications, maintaining the best relationship between price & product value.

Motor Aids is a 100 percent export oriented unit and is catering to top international copmanies worldwide with distinction. Motor Aids has mastered to the degree of perfection the state-of-the -art technique and expertise of customised product development.

Our factory is well equipped with complete infrastructure for production of all kinds of products under stringent quality control at all levels. A to Z all production process, is performed under supervision of trained and qualified supervisors.

Motor Aids takes this privillege to introduce itself as a leading manufacturer of Engeneering Goods and Quality Tractor Parts, Truck Parts and Car Parts and two wheeler electrical components. Motor Aids began its activities in the year of 1974 under adept supervision of Mr. N.P. Singh as the president. Its began with manufacturing of Flywheel Ring Geers with the brand name "TWINS" After a span of time entered in the International market in USA. Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia and Newzealand with Engineering Goods and various type of quality auto parts manufacturing according to buyers specifications with the best relation between price and product value. For this Motor Aids would like your involvement in its expansion and resourcefulness to its future course of action to suit your need. Motor Aids is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a diverse export exposure accross the world.

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